Next part of story coming tomorrow. For now a poem.

You fall for the unexpected,

The intriguing parts of a soul unknown,

Feeling your heart race with a raging passion to feel your touch,

Never knowing you were just another devil in disguise,

Painting a picture on the outside to make me believe you were a better man,

A young naïve girl, who never feared the unknown,

A girl who already knew pain from devils in disguise,

Never noticed or chose not to see that glare in your eyes,

The same glare of the man who raped me,

The same glare as the man who was touching me as I awoke from a sleep,

I saw you with a blind eye, never thinking you would ever hurt me,

At that time, I only saw you as my destiny,

With all this pain you’ve caused inside me,

Had to build a wall around this fragile heart,

As the thorns were still tearing it down, A wilted rose that always bloomed bright,

Now as dead as the depths of my soul,

How dare you say you loved me and then have the balls to fucking rape me,

You vowed to protect me, instead you filled me with poison,

Always thought you broke the best parts of me,

Only until I grew the strength to leave you did I realize the truth,

You broke the worst part of me, which was always you,

As I feel your words fly from my mind, I find my heart will always be full,

I have two boys who I will raise to be men, and they’ll be nothing like you.

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